New Years Resolutions 🎉

So it’s a new year and i’ve been seeing a lot of memes floating around the internet about how the action of making new years resolutions are frivolous as they will not be kept. Continue reading “New Years Resolutions 🎉”


Subpar Student Cooking -Corn Paratha – Our Rottis are ROUND!


Yes, you read that correctly. I can now officially call myself a brown person, a true brown person. We cracked the rotti rolling technique!

So this times stuffed paratha’s were stuffed with crushed sweet corn and grated carrot- it was delicious! Mind you, we crushed the corn with a potato masher  because we did not have access to a blender and it had something similar to the desired effect. This time however we made the dough first and left it to rest for about 30 minutes. Continue reading “Subpar Student Cooking -Corn Paratha – Our Rottis are ROUND!”

Music: Reload Sessions

Love acoustic music, the soothing twang of guitar strings? Simple instrumental? Love soulful, unedited voices? Enjoy mainstream pop songs but are just a bit fed up of them? Check out Reload Sessions on Youtube.

Reload Sessions’ channel uploads beautiful, unique covers of popular music and some great original pieces too from unsigned internet artists. They upload every Wednesday and Friday and offer the chance to be featured on their channel. It is a relatively popular channel with 78,232 subscribers and 13,571,160 page views since they started the channel in 2011.  Continue reading “Music: Reload Sessions”

Subpar Student Cooking- Gobi Paratha

Having been a university student for three years now, my cooking skills are alright (prior to university, I had never even cracked an egg by myself, let  alone make myself a whole meal). My repertoire of Indian cuisine was quite limited (frying frozen, ready made parathas and cooking too-old chicken in chicken korma sauce from a jar) but my love for it is vast. So myself and my friend, Veerti Mehta, decided to have a crack at cooking! Being a vegetarian (of sorts) and Veerti being Jain, we usually find it difficult to eat out because of various dietary restrictions thus, further motivating us to attempt to recreate the glorious vegetarian food that Indian cuisine has to offer. Continue reading “Subpar Student Cooking- Gobi Paratha”


“To Jelly,

First of all, forgive me for this disgraceful attempt to merge a happy birthday, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year in one.

A french writer Voltaire said, ‘Work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.’ So now I try to occupy myself in some activities, which will include letter-writing. Boredom is not a problem- it’s the vice and need it generates; or maybe, boredom itself is  a vice. I am getting a part time job for that matter. Continue reading “Motivation”

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (LIVE)

Having just written the article on classical guitar cover songs  it reminded me of the beautiful quartet version of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. I couldn’t include it in last article because it has no classical guitar in it and is thus irrelevant but I thought it worthy to have it’s own post! Continue reading “Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (LIVE)”

Thoughts on music: classical guitar covers 🎶

Music can be defined as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form harmony and expression of emotion. Music is deeply integrated into society and plays an important role in people’s day to day lives whether they are aware of it’s full impact or not. Its presence exists throughout the expanse of an individual’s lifetime in different ways. The music we listen to is an extension of our personalities. Music comes in many shapes and forms, with lyrics and vocals or without. Lyrics can either be complex, poetry that creates discourse, here’s an example: play the 11th track on the album, “How Much A Dollar Cost” and read the lyrics here while listening to it. Listen to the whole song otherwise you will misunderstand the intention of the song (this whole album is ridiculous by the way, personally think it should have won the Grammy for the album of the year…).

Continue reading “Thoughts on music: classical guitar covers 🎶”